These will be updated and changed multiple times, check often. (not posted yet) means the regular season is still being played or we don't have enough results to seed the division yet.

Baseball                                                                         Softball

                                                   Mini 7 Complete 1st Redbirds, 2nd Honey Badgers, 3rd Rangers       Novice Complete 1st Trop Strom, 2nd Dirt Divas, 3rd Pur Lightning
                                                   Mini 8 Complete 1st Reds, 2nd Pirates, 3rd Storm                                 Miniette Complete 1st Panthers, 2nd Queen Bees, 3rd Angels
                                                   Midget 9 Complete 1st Raptors, 2nd Arsenal, 3rd Diamondbacks      Minorette 11Complete 1st CC Chaos, 2nd Purple Chaos 3rd, Fusion
                                                   Midget 10 Complete 1st Shockdawgs, 2nd Pirates, 3rd Ninjas            Minorette 12 Complete 1st Phenix, 2nd Lady Royals, 3rd All Stars
                                                   Minor 1 Complete 1st Mudcats, 2nd Shockdawgs, 3rd Raptors
                                                   Minor 2 Complete 1st Reds, 2nd Stromchasers, 3rd Shockdawgs
                                                   Major Complete 1st Stealth, 2nd Dirtbags, 3rd Eagles

Rainout Hotline

Rainout Line: 785-862-3929

Please note that messages left on our rainout line will not be returned.  This line is used for outgoing information only.

All Rainout information will also be posted to this website along with our Facebook and Twitter feeds. . 

Mailing Address

 Our league mailing address:

Southwest Youth Athletic Association

6021 SW 29th St

Ste. A PMB 342

Topeka, KS 66614

Board Member Contact Directory

Current Members


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Chris Walker


 Vice President - Operations

Greg Moody


 Vice President - Baseball

 Dan Ramberg


 Vice President - Softball

 Ty Dragoo




 James Hurla 





 Scheduling (practice fields and games)  kenberryscheduling@gmail.com  

 Instructional Boys - League Representative

 Gary Haag


 Mini Baseball - League Representative

 Jason Konrade


 Midget Baseball - League Representative

 James Hurla 


 Minor Baseball - League  Representative

 Bruce Dial


 Major Baseball - League Representative

 Brian Foster


 Metro Baseball - League Representative

 Shawn Graves


 Instructional Girls- League Representative

Ty Dragoo


 Novice Softball - League Representative

 Rita Hinck


 Miniette Softball - League Representative

 Tammy Torrez


 Minorette Softball - League Representative

 Erik Wood


 Majorette Softball - League Representative

 Metroette Softball - League Representative

 Tournament Director

 Art Oczko hurricaneditka75@yahoo.com


 Fund Raising Committee

 Communications Director

Art Oczko (hurricaneditka75@yahoo.com)


 Member-at-Large John Ireland
 Member-at-Large Orlando McGibboney  
 Member-at-Large Anthony Miller

 Fall Ball Director

 Umpire in Chief

 Neal Hansen


 Administrative Assistant

Play / No Play Status

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