Baseball Players Looking for Teams - Fall 2018

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This forum is for baseball players looking for teams for the 2018 Fall Season

Please leave comments below:  Please provide player's date of birth or age as of April 30, 2019 to assist with division determination. 

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Sarah Hammel commented on July 6, 12:36am
"My son is 11, loves first base, interested in pitching (if you will work with him) wants to play fall ball. Please call me: Sarah 785-640-5458"
Amanda Yorkey commented on July 6, 12:09pm
"My son is looking for a 10U team to play fall ball. He's played since Kindergarten and has played league the last 2 years at SCABBA as well as USSSA tournaments. He would like to try different positions as well as pitch more often (he's pretty accurate just not high velocity). Txt 785-249-4957 or email me at if you have a spot on your roster"
Morgan Padgett commented on July 6, 6:54pm
"My son (DOB 05/26/05), a dedicated player looking for 12U team moving up to14U this fall/ summer of 2019. Played up @14U last season, can play 14U two more years. Most comfortable at 2nd base but can move around if needed. Really solid fielding and batting mechanics. Call Jason @ 785.806.2546 "
Grant Sourk commented on July 6, 8:46pm
"Our son, who will be turning 9 at the end of the month is looking for a team that would be willing to add him for the Fall season. He has played since he was five and loves the game. We are open to a tryout if needed. Please feel free to contact me at 785-231-6957 or my email at "
Michael Oglesby commented on July 7, 1:14pm
"My Son (DOB 11/04/03) is looking for a Team to play with this fall. He plays 1st, 2nd, and outfield. He loves to play baseball over football so would love to find a team to play on this fall. Feel free to contact me at or at 785-554-9075. "
Ben Coffman commented on July 7, 6:25pm
"My Son (DOB 11/05/03) is looking for a team to play on this Fall. He plays Shortstop, 1st Base and can pitch. He loves to play ball over all other sports. Feel free to contact me at or at 913-915-0132."
Gregory Rudnick commented on July 8, 5:52pm
"My son is 11 years old. He loves baseball. However, because of travel he couldn’t play this summer. He did practice with a league in another city for a month. He would love the chance to join a team this fall. Please contact me at Before August 5 you can also reach me at 785-864-4099. After August 5 I can also be reached at 520-444-4725."
Rebecca Glotzbach commented on July 9, 8:31pm
"Seth Glotzbach is looking for a team to play fall ball. He is 15: birth date is 05/18/2003. He plays pitcher/catcher or any position needed. Please contact or 785-220-4689. Thank you. Rebecca Glotzbach"
Ashley Grippando-Sosa commented on July 10, 10:23pm
"My son Bently will be 7 years old and is looking to play fall ball on a team if possible. I can be reached at or by text at 913-215-6865. Thank you"
Tammy Terhune commented on July 11, 8:57pm
"My son is 8 will be 9 4/30. He has played for several years. Great at batting and throwing. We are just checking out our options. He played at the lake this last season. Would be interested in fall or spring season. You can text me 7852152096. or email Thanks"
Kayla Sheaffer commented on July 12, 5:43pm
""My child will be 12 in august (dob 08/17/2006). Played last year at scaba. We're just looking for a team for fall ball. Likes playing outfield. Played catcher 2nd and 3rd. Would like to pitch just needs to be worked with a little." You can contact me at 430-7486 or my email address is"
Brandon Haberman commented on July 12, 7:48pm
"My son (4/12/08) is looking to join a team for fall ball. He has played the past 2 summers at Ken Berry and 2 years before that in the Flint Hills League. Plays in the outfield and enjoys 2nd base. You can contact me at 919-398-3591 or my email is"
Courtney Haas commented on July 13, 6:31pm
"My son is 13 years old (DOB 11-18-2004). Looking to play fall and summer ball. He plays outfield and third base, he has also played short stop and second base. Please contact me at (785) 640-4473 or "
Megan McGilton commented on July 13, 8:41pm
"My son is 9 DOB 7/8/9 he has been doing lessons this summer and is wanting to get on a team. Please contact me (785)633-8189 or email"
Hanna Dobelbower commented on July 14, 3:03pm
"My son, Rylen (age 7) is looking for a team to join for Fall and Summer. Contact @"
A G commented on July 14, 5:03pm
"My son Brody is 8 (3/9/10) would like to find a team to join for fall and summer ball. He’s played at sport zone the last 2 summers but needs more of a challenge in competitive league. Please call or text Alicia at (785) 817-5767. Thanks"
Drew Briggs commented on July 15, 2:55am
"Caleb Briggs is looking to find a team to play on this Fall, his DOB is 08/19/2003. He is looking for a metro team to play on. Playes Outfield and 2nd base. Please contact Drew Briggs at or text at 785-213-5528"
Jay Weber commented on July 15, 10:54pm
"My son Atticus would love to play fall ball this year. His bday is 8/02/10. He’s a great little player. Please call me at 7853833192 if interested."
Kara Sage commented on July 16, 2:19am
"My son Cameron Sage is 13 (05/25/05) looking for a 14U team to play fall ball. He has played since t-ball. He has been pitching but is comfortable playing any position in or outfield. Please contact Adam at or 785-845-1363"
Amber Fernandez commented on July 16, 7:38pm
"My son Konnor is interested in playing fall ball. He has played two years of instructional and one year of Mini 7 at Ken Berry. Contact me if interested at "
John Freerksen commented on July 20, 12:31am
"My 10 year old son(1/11/2008) is looking for a fall ball team. Call/txt me at 913.515. 2780. Thanks"
Kara Sage commented on July 20, 5:53pm
"My 11 year old son Austin (04/12/07) is looking for a fall ball team. He currently plays 3rd base and pitches some. He is comfortable playing any position. Text/call Adam at 785-845-1363 if interested."
Billie Baker commented on July 22, 7:34pm
"My 11 year old Cody (1/18/07) is looking for a team to play some fall ball. He has played ball the last 6 years through the Flint Hills League in Auburn. He loves to play short stop and first base and has started practicing pitching. Please text/call me @785-817-4413. Thank you."
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