Make sure everone in the family gets important updates

Be sure to register additional family members so everyone gets Ken Berry League Updates from the new website

Updated Tuesday July 4, 2017 by Southwest Youth Athletic Association.

We are able to send out important updates to you and your family members through the Southwest Youth Athletic Association website system. These updates may include updated schedules, rainouts, and other pertinent information about the season. Be updated FAST for those items that affect your child's games.  Make sure EVERYONE in your household has a user profile created!

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT EVERYONE HAS A GOOD EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE NEW SYSTEM.  Even coaches will be able to utilize the system to reach out to parents about team information.   

If you recall, you had to create a proflle to complete registration.  Whomever completed this profile, can invite additional family members to be linked to their kids in the system.  

To do this, just login with the profile of whoever completed registration then go to the My Family tab then click on the Invite Additional Parent or Guardian.

Right now there is only one email per user profile. If you want a Work and Home email address you will have to create a second profile.