Baseball Players Looking for Teams - 2017

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This Forum is for Baseball Players Looking for Teams for the 2017 Season

Please leave comments below.  Please provide player's date of birth or age as of April 30, 2017 to assist with division determination. 

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Matt Schumann commented on January 23, 8:54pm
"My little brother is looking for a team to play on he just turned 13 his birthday is 12-20-2003. He plays mainly infield and pitcher. You can contact me at 785-364-6185 or "
David Miller commented on January 27, 8:34pm
"I'm 15 year old son is looking for a Metro League to play for. He primarily plays catcher however does play second, short stop, outfield and has pitched as well. If you are looking for another player please let me know. You can text me David at 731-434-9302 or email"
Dallas DeWitt commented on February 11, 12:20am
"I have a 14 y/o looking for a new team to play on. He's a pitcher and all around player anywhere u need him he can play it if intrested u can e-mail me at or call / text me at (785)430-3316 "
KATRINA ROSS commented on February 21, 6:41pm
"My son Jalen is looking for a 16 year old baseball team. He has played since he was 5. Jalen has played many positions over the years. He is a pitcher, middle infielder, has played outfield, and even caught a few time. Please email me at katrinaross16@ or text or email @ 785-817-7434. Thank you"
Audry Pulley commented on February 26, 5:23pm
"My son is looking for a team. He will be 14 as of April 28, 2017. He can play short stop, 2nd base, 3rd base and right field. He's been playing since he was 8. Please email me at or call at 785-250-6510. Thank you!"
Elijah Smith commented on March 3, 8:02pm
"My son is 15 and looking for a 16U team. I just found out today that his team will not be playing this year. He can and has played every position except catcher. Please email me at if you have a spot on your team.Thank you"
Elijah Smith commented on March 3, 8:07pm
"I'm sorry my comment should've said my son is looking for a 18U team. I just found out today that his team will not be playing this year. He can and has played every position except catcher. Please email me at if you have a spot on your team.Thank you" "
Jeremy Lord commented on March 6, 11:54pm
"My son who is 17 just signed to play collage ball is looking for a team and he has a 16 year old brother with many skills as well please call (785)224_0263 Thank you for your time and cant wait to hear from you"
Rochelle Pyle commented on March 8, 11:15pm
"My son is Looking for a 14u or 15u team to play for. Pitches and likes 3rd base but is willing to play any position! Please contact me at 785-230-4752 thank you!"
Mickey May commented on March 27, 1:19am
"My grandson is 15 years old and would like to join a Team if possible. He plays center field and short stop. Please contact us at 785-783-8960 or"
jacobe Quiring-Grier commented on April 5, 6:39pm
"Hi, my name is Jacobe Grier and I'm 15 years old looking for a team. Please contact me at 785-224-4404. Thanks!!"
Angie Martinez commented on April 10, 5:04pm
"My 17 year old nephew would like to join a team. He plays outfield but has also played some infield and would appreciate the opportunity to tryout. My name is Angie and I can be reached at 785-608-5129 or"
Rese Huddlin commented on April 14, 3:48pm
"I have some students that are interested in summer or spring season. I hope it's not too late. Two boys that are 10 years old. It may just be one boy, nonetheless, I would like to get a team for the player(s)."
Donovan Owens commented on April 16, 2:10am
"Hi I am a 15 yr old looking to play on a team. I have some experience and play outfield. Willing to play other positions. 5'6" 110 lbs. Contact my mom at 785-431-6812 Trisha. Thank you, Donovan Owens"
Noah Klingler commented on April 17, 3:17pm
"Hello my name is Noah Klingler and I'd be in the Metro division. I mainly play 1st base but can do infield and pitching ( if needed ). You can call or txt me at 785-336-1517."
Kyler Holford commented on May 2, 3:27pm
"My name is Kyler Holford. I am 17 years old, from Topeka and looking for a team in the Topeka area. I pitch and play first base, but I can play whatever positions are necessary(except catcher.) 6'2, 150 lbs. contact me at 785-596-3836 or through email"
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